- This is something I love to do! Sometimes the original pedal enclosure is made of plastic or is too large to fit on an already crowded pedalboard!

Dan-Electro FrankenPedal:

Here we have a three pedal combo that has two delays and one vibrato all in one. The two delays each have two independently switchable rates and dry/delay levels -- allowing for 4 delay rate and mix choices! This was a necessary thing to do as the original pedal enclosures were made of plastic and kept breaking and BREAKING!

Owner: Karl Irish


Introducing the FrankenMorley!:

This one is an UGLY BEAST but, gets the job done! We took an existing modification and modified it WAY BETTER! This unit not only is a Morley Boost-Wah, but also has an on-board MXR Script-logo Phase 90 AND an Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi with an internal regulated power supply! This combination of effects creates an ASTOUNDINGLY MASSIVE sound that is guaranteed to BLOW SPEAKERS if antagonized!

Owner: John Hubbard


Single and Double Play!:

There are 3 pedals here from left to right: Boss CE2 (on it's own) and a double: MXR Phase 90 and an Electro Harmonix Electric Mistress. All 3 pedals have "special" mods that enhance the existing tone and are true bypass as well.

Owner: Britt Collins


Boss CE:

This is a simple one... The original enclosure was just a little too fat for the pedal board!

Owner: Britt Collins


Doll Head Preamp:

The original enclosure was huge and the owner wanted something he could either wear (this unit has a belt clip) or place somewhere else other than the floor. This smaller size was perfect!

Owner: David Guzman


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